Thursday, May 20, 2010

10 Best Casino Hotels for Vacation in the World

At some point, we all want to see if Lady Luck is on our side, and there’s no better place to roll the dice than at a fantastic casino resort or hotel. The great news is that the chips are never down when you take a casino vacation, because these resorts offer more than just gambling. Where else can you find a range of upscale perks including fantastic accommodations
, superb dining establishments, sun, surf, sand, snow or spas, world-class entertainment and shopping all in one place?

So don’t leave your vacation to chance. You’ll find the odds are definitely in your favor at any one of these places. So here are some of the best Casino Hotels around the world.

Atlantic City Trump Taj Mahal

Night Shot of Cap Town

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A beautiful Face of Japan

When you hear the word 'Japan', what do you think of? Does your mind fill with images of ancient temples or futuristic cities? Do you see visions of mist-shrouded hills or lightning-fast bullet trains? Do you think of suit-clad businessmen or kimono-clad geisha? Whatever image you have of Japan, it's probably accurate, because it's all there. But you may also have some misconceptions about Japan. For example, many people believe that Japan is one of the world's most expensive countries. In fact, it's cheaper to travel in Japan than in much of North America, Western Europe and parts of Oceania. Others think that Japan is impenetrable or even downright difficult. The fact is, Japan is one of the easiest countries in which to travel. It is, simply put, a place that will remind you why you started travelling in the first place.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Greek coast A Beautiful Place on Earth

The Greek coast has a total length of approximately 16,000 km. Half this length is found around the thousands of Greek islands. While the rest extends along the mainland. What characterize the famous Greek coasts is their unique diversity (beaches stretching over many kilometers, small bays and coves, sandy beaches with dunes, pebbly shores, coastal caves surrounded by steep rocks and with the characteristic dark sand of volcanic soils, coastal wetlands), and their clean and transparent waters that have made them renowned and extremely popular all over the world.
In 2009, 425 beaches and 8 marinas in Greece were awarded the “Blue Flag”, a figure that places the country in a top-ranking position among other European countries.