Friday, February 19, 2010

The Tree Hotel and Other Swinging Spots

At the Soneva Kiri in Thailand we found those two swinging spots. Start at the Eco-Villa swing, then head over for a unique taste experience in the dining-pod, a woven wooden basket hung above the green tops.
If you've ever wanted to live in the trees, you'll love this tree hotel concept (below) by Tham & VidegÄrd Arkitekter. Look closely and you'll see a cube wrapped around a tree. Which could be the most outlandish (but coolest) idea for a hotel ever.
The concept is for a cluster of cubes in a forest in Harads, in the far north of Sweden. The cubes will be made of light-weight aluminium boxes, 4×4x4m and clad in mirrored glass. Inside, windows will give guests a 360 degree view, while outside the cubes will be practically invisible. To prevent birds colliding with the structures, however, they'll attach transparent stickers to their sides. (Good to know.)
Blending in.
The treehouses will accommodate two people, a large bed, a small kitchenette and bath, a living room and a roof terrace. Access will be by rope ladder or rope bridge. The idea reminds me of the Free Spirit Spheres on Vancouver Island, which already exists. So let's hope this one comes to life.
Dass Architecture designed a tree house (below) as a small hiding place in nature with a very small room. The building is named Tree House Hotel. It's currently located in the Jardim da estral in Lisbon, and you can experience a one-night stay, complete with toilet, sinks, sofas converted to a bed and a rooftop terrace which has a view over the Jardim.


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