Saturday, March 13, 2010

Night Photography of New York and Las Vegas by Jason Hawkes

The legendary photographer Jason Hawkes sharing at some of his latest images of American cities seen from above at night: New York City and Las Vegas, both cities that undergo significant transformations after the sun goes down.

Jason Hawkes says: “The images of New York were shot on Nikons latest camera, the D3S, using three gyro stabilizing mounts and flown using twin star helicopters. (Eurocopter AS355). We flew from heights of just over 500 ft up to 2,500-ft with no doors on, it was very very cold. The images of Las Vegas were shot for a separate project, using a range of helicopters from a Robinson 44 toEurocopter AS355″.

Check out Hawkes’ newly-released book “London at Night”. A book of his New York at night photos is due for publication in the Autumn. Captions provided by the photographer. [JasonHawkes via Boston]One Worldwide Plaza, Eighth Avenue. Photo: JasonHawkes
The Williamsburg suspension bridge crossing the East River. Photo: JasonHawkes
View from the Financial District across to the Governors Island and Upper Bay. Verrazano-Narrows Bridge can be seen lit up in the far distance. Photo: JasonHawkes
Close up looking down onto Chrysler Building. Photo: JasonHawkes
Looking down onto Times Square. Photo: JasonHawkes
The Empire State building in blue and red on the left of the image looking up Lexington Ave. to the Chrylser Building. Photo: JasonHawkes
Central Park, Central Park Reservoir and Metropolitan Museum of Art, looking South up Madison Ave. Photo: JasonHawkes
The Statue of Liberty. Photo: JasonHawkes
The area around The MetLife Building on Park Avenue and Midtown. Photo: JasonHawkes
The Empire State Building. Photo: JasonHawkes
The Vegas Strip from above The Mirage. Photo: JasonHawkes
Excalibur, Las Vegas. Photo: JasonHawkes
The pyramid shaped Luxor Las Vegas. Photo: JasonHawkes
The sphinx at the entrance to the Luxor Las Vegas. Photo: JasonHawkes
Brooklyn Bridge, Las Vegas. Photo: JasonHawkes
The top of the the replica Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas. Photo: JasonHawkes
New York-New York Hotel and Casino. Photo: JasonHawkes
The Excalibur, New York and MGM Grand hotels, Las Vegas. Photo: JasonHawkes
The Venetian with gondolas, Las Vegas Hotel Casino. Photo: JasonHawkes
The Stratosphere Las Vegas. The tower has two observation decks, a revolving restaurant and three rides. Photo: JasonHawkes


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